Trista was class of 2023 Hudson High school but when Covid hit, she turned her academics to college and enrolled full time as a junior/senior her HS career finishing two years of college by time she graduated. She came into UNW academically as a junior and will attend 4 years as an athlete with extra schooling.

College Instructor

During all 4 years of HS, Trista  trained heavily with her former D1 players turned instructors, most of which were Sam Macken and Sara Moulton. She played year round club ball with the MN Force one year and then the MN Ice the remaining 4 years. She left the Ice program with a .407 batting average. 

Trista currently plays for UNW as a pitcher and outfielder. She ended her freshman season with a BA of .368 in the 12 games she played.

Trista has been mentored/instructed by Sam Macken and Sara Moulton for the past 7+ years. She’s been coaching and training youth for the past five years and has been an individual pitching/hitting/fielding instructor for the past two years. She has assisted with youth programs and camps for Strike zone Sports  the MN Ice program and the  Sandpipers 12/14 U teams. Trista has an eye for seeing and troubleshooting mechanics with pitching, hitting and fielding. She has excelled in the area of getting her mechanics just right, not only for herself, but for all those she has coached.

Trista knows that mechanics are the foundation of all successful athletes. She works hard at helping athletes achieve good mechanics to develop strong successful players in the sport. Trista enjoys seeing the progress of those she is coaching and creates a relationship with each athlete because she knows how important it is to be a good role model and give back to the next generation of athletes.

**Cancellations MUST be made 24 hours prior to the lesson to avoid being charged.

**A catcher or parent catcher must be provided to catch the lesson. 

**Please provide own glove and tennis shoes or turf shoes (NO CLEATS).

**Payment is to be made in cash or a check made out to Strike Zone Sports LLC.


Individual: $65/HR